Apologies for the LONG delay.

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of updates in such a long time. I don't remember if I wrote about this before or not, but my dad was diagnosed with type IV lung cancer last year, and I've been assisting with his care ever since.

Well, recently he took a pretty bad turn. He's bedridden to the point where he can no longer even use the bathroom on his own power. My mother is devastated. I've been pulling double duty seeing to my father's needs and providing emotional support when necessary. My mother has to work, so when she's away I take care of anything he requires. Needless to say, this has been quite taxing on me.

My father's well-being has been my sole concern the past few months, and I've lacked the ability to focus on much else. I've barely squeezed time to work on my own novel, so this blog is not the only thing that has suffered during this time.

While his condition has not improved very much, I've adjusted enough to the new routine, and the new emotional atmosphere of this house, that I'm more able to devote myself to my work. When my father intercoms me, though, I WILL drop everything to see to his needs. I'd be negligent if I did not.

That said, I am working on the next chapter and you will be seeing that when it is ready. Again, apologies for the delay.


InsomniacWriter said...

As much as I love reading your new posts, taking care of your family is far more important.

I'm sorry that you must suffer through this ordeal. I know how hard it can be as I have had family in very similar situations. Best wishes for you and your mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Family comes first, period. I've been wondering when you'd update next, but it's obvious you can't get much into snarking mood either when your dad's in this condition. I wish your family all the best. Hang in there and come back when you feel you're ready to.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you and your family. Best wishes for you all. I love your blog, but it's a pretty low priority right now. Take care.

TheUnbeholden said...

While I don't know what its like to have a dad to care about, as I've got probably one of the worst guys in the world as a father... but I understand that you want to help someone you care about. Would be nice for you to finish this blog before the Breaking Dawn movie comes out (apparently its going to be a 2 part film).

gabbylizzie27 said...

Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear your father's condition is that bad! Taking care of him is definitely WAY more important than this blog; I feel like a douche for being so impatient! You do what you gotta do, man! Sounds like you're taking good care of your father and I'm sure he appreciates everything you're doing. Best wishes to everyone in your family, and take your time updating the blog. We understand.

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