Vampires Need More Gay

Okay, so this isn't actually an anti-Twilight vid so much as a commentary on homosexuality in vampire fiction. While I'm not posting it under the "Anti Spotlight" label for that reason, I still found it interesting enough to share here.


TheUnbeholden said...

Anne Rice touchy feely vampires? I think you mean more human-like (rather then monster-like) vampires. And its not homosexuality, its bisexuality and its one of the themes in the Anne Rice novels, its not a main theme its 'there for the shock value', to spread the idea to polite society that sexuality is not a taboo subject anymore and mainly for the seducing vampires idea in which seduction is a tool they use to get blood (using human weakness to their advantage).

Jenchilla said...

If Twilight was gay, it would imply that Meyer's Mormon-induced brain concedes to the fact that there are gay people. I don't think homosexuals exist in the Twilight universe. I mean, she made it through a whole series about sparkling vampires without once mentioning David Bowie--I think she's pretty sheltered.

Where this series is concerned, people seem to confuse a female focus with gayness. Edward is depicted as most decidedly male/masculine, especially in the sense of the traditional relationship dynamic, and he's unwaveringly hetero. In fact the whole series is consistently pro-hetero; I think every major character ends up paired with somebody of the opposite sex, as people in Meyerworld can't function without being in a romantic relationship. I'd say the series could have benefited from more gay, but it also could've benefited from other stuff, a plot that made sense, and competent writing.

Lin-chan said...

I love this video because it's funny but also very analytic about what the vampire symbolizes. Very nice video for you to share, thank you. =)

BlessedWithPoppies said...

I hope you update soon. This is a good blog.

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