Chapter Thirteen News!

I've tried editing down my post on chapter thirteen because, frankly, it is turning into a beast. There is just so much wrong with this chapter that I find myself constantly going into great detail to describe something else Meyer fucked up royally. This is really getting ridiculous.

This post is longer than the rest, and may even be longer than the chapter itself. That is how much shit is compacted into this one chapter. Truly this chapter of Twilight is a work of art, if only for the sheer amount of FAIL Meyer has managed to condense into it.

Therefore, rather than making you wait even longer for me to finish the post, edit the post, and then cut down the post to make it a manageable length, the 13th chapter of Twilight will instead be a two-parter. This will allow me to bring you the first part MUCH more quickly, and I will no longer need let the world think I am dead until I can control the raging spirit that dwells within me.

Look forward to Twilight: Chapter Thirteen, Part the First, very soon.

My mind is going.

I just completed the edits of the novel I am writing. Currently I am in the process of having some people read it for feedback and giving it another once over to catch any lingering errors and possible problems with the plot (in other words, everything Meyer didn't do).

Don't worry, fair readers. I haven't forgotten you. I am working on chapter thirteen of this blog even now. This latest entry is a test of my very sanity as I slog through all of the verbal diarrhea that Meyer has passed for good literature. God this chapter is awful.

So ... many ... misused ... synonyms!