My mind is going.

I just completed the edits of the novel I am writing. Currently I am in the process of having some people read it for feedback and giving it another once over to catch any lingering errors and possible problems with the plot (in other words, everything Meyer didn't do).

Don't worry, fair readers. I haven't forgotten you. I am working on chapter thirteen of this blog even now. This latest entry is a test of my very sanity as I slog through all of the verbal diarrhea that Meyer has passed for good literature. God this chapter is awful.

So ... many ... misused ... synonyms!


Erin said...

I love you for doing this. Your snarking gives me endless pleasure. :D

Elina said...

Good luck with your novel! Hope it works out. :)

Carol Anne said...

Please, please don't go mad. I know it's difficult, I know the book is stupid beyond words, but don't go crazy on us. We need you.
Good luck with your novel, by the way! That definitely comes before snarking on your priority list.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well with your novel! Though, I'm kind of curious, what's your novel about?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently finished reading your review of Twilight and I just want to say I loved it; it was funny, entertaining to read, thorough and well-explained, and completely changed my views on Twilight. I was neutral about it before, but had always been annoyed by haters because they would make erroneous claims like "it's badly written" or "their relationship is abusive" without actually backing those claims up with facts and examples from the book. Then I found this blog, and I was like "Now THIS is what I'm TALKING ABOUT!!" I highly commend you for going through such a tiresome book bit by bit and explaining everything that sucks about it in such great detail. What you've done is a service to both the pro and anti-Twilight community.

Can't wait for Chapter 13. So hurry up! xD (jk)

The Twilight Snarker said...

This chapter is turning out to be a monster size wise. There is just so much wrong with it that I find myself constantly stopping to point out something else Meyer screwed up. More than likely I'll end up giving this chapter a little more editing time so I can cut it down for brevity.

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