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You know, I sometimes think that one of the most amusing parts of what I do is watching the kind of mental gymnastics diehard fans of Twilight perform to excuse the inconsistencies, plot holes, factual errors, etc. I once brought up one of Meyer's bigger errors, the claim that Esme's island is off the west coast of Brazil.


If mental gymnastics were a sport, the twihard in question would have won a gold medal. Long story short, after arguing back and forth, which mainly consisted of me pointing at the map and shouting "DUH!" and her making more excuses, I said "that's like saying that California is the west coast of New York." To which she said, "yes it is."

If there is a definite reason why I write this blog, at least part of the answer would be to observe how people's minds work. I find it a little fascinating to watch people do double back flips in logic to rationalize things that are completely absurd (insert obligatory religion joke here).

Enter You Are Bella, an in depth examination of the Twilight series that highlights its many flaws and attempts to explain why Twihards cling to it despite the series being so damn awful. The series is titled "You Are Bella" because that is basically the answer in a nutshell.

I recently bumped into this series while looking for creative or informative works by other antis. The mere fact that I'm posting it here obviously means I was impressed. Do take a look at the rest of the series of videos.


TheUnbeholden said...

Just watched them all, she made alot of good points. I did comment on some of them, she could very well give twilight haters alot of inspiration... her best points are about Edward and Bella's relationship. Some things like the Antichrist part was interesting to say the least...

Mariela said...

Actually, I read the book and it is stated that the island is actually off the east coast of Brazil. In page 76, chapter 5, it is stated that they "headed due east into the open ocean..." and Bella also states that "there wasn't much east of Brazil...until you got to Africa."
I'm not a Twilight all, but I just wanted to point that out. Maybe Stephanie said west coast in an interview and basically failed on remembering what she wrote O.o
I don't think Meyer really knows what she's doing or talking about because she is confusing me with her indecision on where the island is. Also, how can she not know that the Princess Bride is satire! The name by itself should tip you off that it's satire! Whatever school she went to needs to close down cuz obviously they don't know how to teach...either that or Stephanie needs to be burned for her stupidity.

Okay. Rant over.

Beretta Paige said...

When are you updating again? I need my snark fix and you do it best

Big Bad Blog Writer said...

Mariela, I believe they fixed the "west" to read "east" after the first edition. At least that's what I've read elsewhere.

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