Anti Spotlight: Melina vs. Meyer.

Introducing a new segment called "Anti Spotlight." You see, I was sitting around and wondering what new stuff I could do with the blog when it occurred to me "hey, I'm not the only one dissing Twilight, so why not give some attention to others who've also done good work?" Which is basically a nice way of saying that I'm a lazy bastard who is shamelessly trying to make this blog more interesting by showcasing the work of others. Muahahahaha!

Wait ... I wasn't supposed to actually write that part. Oh well, I'm too lazy to edit. :p

First up is Melina Pendulum, who has quite a bone to pick with Stephenie Meyer due to some comments the woman made in an interview. I picked this one because it's the funniest IMO, but it is by no means the most insightful thing she's posted. Overall I've found her to be an intelligent young woman with interesting opinions on a wide range of subjects. So do take a look at her other videos; not just the ones pertaining to Twilight (though there are quite a few of them and she has a LOT to say on the subject).

Check out Her Youtube Page

Note: Her recent review of The Host is really worth watching.


The Tempted Critic said...

Ah, another person for me to subscribe to on YouTube.

Anti Spotlight, eh? Sounds fun enough. Can't wait to see what anti-twitard gold you'll post. =)

Cpt. Robespierre said...

"That's your book, woman!"

Excellent, excellent line.

I'm not obsessed with The Princess Bride like many people I know, but wow, what a failed comparison by Meyer.

Cpt. Robespierre said...

This is, overall, a brilliant video. I've read all the books cited, except TPB (which I saw the movie of) and Twilight (which I have neither read nor seen except in excerpts at this site). She's rock solid on these literature references.

Anonymous said...

I really think Meyer needs to get someone to read books for her. I just read Wicked Lovely and Anne of Green Gables last week and all of the love interests in both books are 10 times better than Edward and the romances pawn all her romances.

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